iBooks support scetchfab?

(Kostaskatsulis) #1

Wigets created for using inside iBooks dont run at all or cause freeze of iBooks. Is this normal???Thank you.

(Bart) #2

Hi @kostaskatsulis,

this tutorial contains the steps required to embed Sketchfab models into iBooks. Please let me know if you still experience freezes after doing these.

(Kostaskatsulis) #3

i am using the same method ( except the iad producer cause i am using hype) and the result is as i mentioned above. The problem appears on iphone and ipad. On my iMac and Air everything seemes to work propetly....

(Bart) #4

Can you post links to the models you're embedding? Do they play back well in safari on iPhone/iPad?

(Kostaskatsulis) #5

choose one from my account....they all have the same behavior

(Kostaskatsulis) #6

(Kostaskatsulis) #7

in safari everything looks fine...are you suggesting that is an iframe problem???cause if i embed directly the page i believe i will not have issues...

(Bart) #8

Hmm it doesn't look too heavy, so I'd expect it to work ok. It might be worth asking Emily for help by leaving a comment on that blogpost? Other than that I don't think I can offer any support here, sorry.