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General remarks:

  • iconic is a photogrammetry studio based in Akmerkez (Shopping Mall) at Etiler, Istanbul..

About this service

Scanning with 100 DSLR cameras at the same second, iconic provides HD scans for humans and pets. Without any limitations, you can pose as you wish, as an individual or as a group of people (up to 5 people).

  • The digital models are in HD and is suitable to use for animation purposes.
  • http://www.iconic.com.tr/
  • email: info@iconic.com.tr

Service description

  • iconic uses photogrammetry technique with 100 DSLR cameras
  • the studio is equipped with 8x400 W flashes
  • we're based in one of the most popular shopping malls of istanbul
  • we do not travel for business yet, but we're working on it!
  • 67 MP resolution, 8K textures
  • we can customize models' poly numbers as requested
  • we can scan anybody with any pose as our studio has 4 meters of diameter
  • we also share the digital model with the print itself
  • we give away .obj and .vrl files as well as the texture map
  • we can print human sculptures from 10 cm's to 35 cm's
  • from 100 Euro to 400 euro

Venue Scanning & 360 Video Content

As we give scanning service for humans, we also scan their venues, so we can animate their 3D model and make them move into their environments' digital version.
- Additionally we create 360 video content for VR
- Our shop is located at Akmerkez, Etiler
- We use Sketchfab for our primary archive sketchfab.com/iconic




Here are some model examples;

Kofte by iconic on Sketchfab

Minion Sugar by iconic on Sketchfab

Azim Turan by iconic on Sketchfab

Gada by iconic on Sketchfab

Yildirim Family by iconic on Sketchfab

Umut by iconic on Sketchfab