Icons on Viewer


(Lpdenmark) #1

Hey Sketchfab
I have a question about the viewer on a business account.
Until now it has been possible to remove the icons to give a more
clean view for the viewers when you just want to show the 3d model.

Has there been a change in the viewer, because now all the icons are visible,
and there is an avatar image in the upper left corner?

The avatar picture and the icons is temporarly off when you move the
3d model, but are back again when the model is idle.

Can you explain which changes has been made, I havenĀ“t seen any notice about it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #2

it is still possible to hide the UI in business accounts. The parameter names might have changed since you last used the platform , check this page :


Basically its "snakes case" now. So all lowercase letters with underscore between words.


In fact, we recently made it possible to turn off buttons individually, rather than "all or nothing". See the viewer API initialization link above, or: