Idea for new subscription tier between free and pro

(Benhollio) #1

I had an idea for a new subscription tier - I’ll post it on the forum, but I also wanted to drop you a line directly as well.

Currently I’m using a free account, only because I can’t justify paying $15/mo for a pro account. The reason is because I only use Sketchfab in order to embed the 3D viewer on my portfolio. Because I work at a studio full time I literally might upload something new once every other month (if that often) - I don’t sell any of my models, I’m not a freelancer, or anything like that, I just like having a portfolio and really like using Sketchfab as a method to display most of my art. So therefore if there was a tier between free and pro called ‘Portfolio’ (or whatever), that would probably cause many people who use the site like I do to become paid subscribers. Here’s what I’m imagining:

Portfolio tier: $5/mo

Private uploads per month: 10

Max file size: 100MB

Annotations per model: 10

Priority support: within 72 hours

Password protection: Yes

‘Contact Me’ button: Yes

Custom backgrounds: Yes

Add camera limits: Yes

Duplicate models: Yes

So basically it would keep most of the perks of Pro, but decrease the specs by half. Anyway just wanted to throw that out there.


Hi there,

This is something we’re discussing internally. There’s nothing on the roadmap yet, but we really appreciate your feedback on it!