Idea: gradient backgrounds

(Aleahy) #1

Hi, it would be lovely to be able to easily set colour gradient backgrounds in the editor.


Left in Sketchfab, Right in real life.

Andrew | Wonderama Lab | Western Sydney University

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(Dark Minaz) #2

get pro, open photoshop, make a gradient, set as background
i use one is almost all my works with my logo directly

(Aleahy) #3

Nice model. Yup it's straight forward to make and upload a gradient background image, or use the supplied ones.

But it'd be easier to experiment with background treatments if it was configurable from within the Sketchfab editor.

Plus, my next request will be to make the background gradient get and set'able from the API :slight_smile:

Here's Biodigital Human letting you configure gradient thru a UI, and it can also be set from API. Meaning we can re-treat the model based on what the player demands. eg. like a darkened night mode.

(Dark Minaz) #4

Ah, yes if it can be used with the Api that might make it a lot more useful.
So using it from both sides and not just in the editor.

Especially if there is a sort of logo slot this would take care of most of my backgrounds and would let me play around with the hue a bit to fit each model.

I somehow thought the plan was just to have a gradient to set once, that wouldn't be really that useful (might save a bit of time but that would be it). But if it would feature all the things mentioned above it could be rather nice.
So +1 from me.

(Mauricesvay) #5

I've added a +1 for you on the feature request. Meanwhile, the best way to have a gradient as background is to use an image.

(Aleahy) #6

I just remembered Player API can set the Sketchfab scene background to be transparent, so you can use a CSS radial-gradient to fill the background of the iframe.


So no need to accelerate this for the API nerds!

(Shaderbytes) #7

Yes but this is not ideal because you loose AA when using transparent.. so it would be better to never do that :slight_smile: