Ideas for Enriching Cultural Heritage Models


(Oakeshott) #1

Hi all!

This is less a question and more of an attempt to spark discussion. What are some ways that we might be able to expand on static or isolated models of historic objects or scenes? I’m trying to brainstorm new ways of interacting or presenting context for models that will utilize the unique capabilities of working with 3d models.

I’ve been capturing models for a couple clients now in an effort to build up 3d archives, and have been thinking about this topic for a while. So far I have been experimenting with models that animate, and models put in context. I have a few more ideas, but haven’t had time to mess around with them.

I was just curious if anybody has any favorite personal pieces, or pieces they like that share this same idea, or perhaps even just ideas they would like to see but haven’t yet.



(Nebulousflynn) #2

Hi Dale,

A great idea for a thread - hopefully over time people will add useful examples.

Some ideas from me would be:

  • Adding audio. This makes a big difference for a lot of people. Expert descriptions and ambient environments or combining 3D with music can do a lot to educate and entertain.

  • Viewing in VR or AR. This can be a really engaging way to view content for some people, additionally it can add some context to scale. I love the short 3D film Lily & Snout and I’d love to see some ‘serious’ short experiences like this

  • Check out the Sketchfab Labs for more ideas and ways to use the APIs to program more complex interactions that we call ‘configurators’. Here’s an educational example.