IE 11 -- Models not loading as of April 2

(Ryansundberg) #1

Had a few calls from some clients this week saying that models were not loading in IE 11. I have not used or had IE 11 for over 2 years, so not even sure how to test for that, but just had the 3rd call this week (different people) telling me about this problem. Anyone else having this issue. Unfortunately Microsoft (just read this today) is saying they will support IE 11 for the life of Windows 10 and there are still a lot of windows users our there using this browser.

(Canary Games) #2

You can put some link of your models here, and I can see them through IE11, without problem, and I can tell you if they load or not!

A few days ago, I was not allowed to enter almost anywhere in IE11, said some restrictions that had implemented windows, but only clean the cache and returned to navigate perfectly.



We have pretty much dropped support for IE11. While Microsoft is technically supporting it through the life of Windows 10, they have deprecated it in all but name, thanks to Edge.

Maintaining support for IE on our end has become too difficult, and the performance and security limitations are not worth it.