Iframe and original model don't rotate the same way

(Gilles38) #1

Hi all,
I have a model that rotates nicely in Sketchfab but once inserted as an iframe doesn’t behave so nicely: the Z (vertical) rotation axis doesn’t seem to be at the center of the scene anymore, especially with manual rotation
This model is a duplicated version of a first model and I have made an object fully transparent (behind the chair).
Any idea what’s wrong here?
The iframe code:

The document with the iframe:

The model:

(Paul Sketch) #2

Autospin and the Camera doesn’t use the same pivot of rotation when they rotate, you would have to align you model so that both are at the same point.
(Autospin is the model rotate, whereas camera rotation has the model static)

(Gilles38) #3

Hi @paul_sketch
OK but how do I do that ? It’s unclear to me how I can see the Autorotate rotation pivot!
In the Editor, I only see this:


Autospin always rotates around the center of the model’s bounding box. It looks like you have an invisible geometry that’s making the bounding box bigger than it seems and thus moves the center or rotation in that direction.

(Gilles38) #5

Thank you @james, yes, that’s what I thought and that’s why I mentionned my transparent mesh in my first message.
So in this case there is no way to have manual and autorotate pivot points at the same place, as far as I understand.

(Paul Sketch) #6

you can change the pivot of the camera to match the one in you mesh
Or add another transparent mesh to “move” the center of the bbox

(Gilles38) #7

Yes I could add another transparent mesh or delete the one I already have, which means modifying the original file. I don’t want to bother with that. There are certainly reasons why autorotation and camera pivot points are not the same… I did modify the pivot point as you suggested @paul_sketch but on my sketchfab model page then the model seems to be out-centered now which is kind of expected…Maybe I missed something again but it seems I cannot have the model centered on both the iframe and the model page.
Thanks anyway

(Paul Sketch) #8

Yes, it’s how the two features are coded, as they are separate features:

  • autospin: model rotates around mesh bounding center
  • camera rotation: rotates around the pivot defined in sketchfab “3d settings”

it seems to do something similar, but are 2 different feature un reality