I'm curious about how to move the door to open and close as shown in the sample on the following link.

I would like to implement a way to open the door by clicking the handle to explain how to use the product as shown in the link below. I know how to implement 3D and render, but I don’t know about coding and other special functions yet. I’m subscribing to a premium, but I’d like to know how to implement the function. Is this an animation function? I want to implement movement through interaction with the user, not just repetitive animation. Please tell me how to do it.

Schneider Gutor PXC (sketchfab.com)

Hi @forn6. What you linked to is a configurator that was achieved through use of our Viewer API. You can read more about them here.

Thank you for answering my question. I am a beginner in the field of development. I went to the link and asked for white paper, but I didn’t get any answer. Is the white paper information that I can get what I want? I even checked to go into the link below, but I don’t know the process. I am subscribing to premium, but I sent a team sketch fab email, but there is no answer. Personally, it is difficult to access and it is regrettable that I am a subscriber.


Rotation of 3D object element can be done using this function