I'm looking for tutorial writers for a large international 3D art magazine!

(Bart) #1

Hey folks,

we have an opportunity to feature a monthly 4-6 page tutorial in a well-known international 3D art magazine (I'm afraid I can't disclose which one yet..) and I'm looking for people who are interested in helping out. They are interested in lighting, texturing, rigging, etc, and are not focusing on any 3D app in particular. We're discussing compensation, but even without that this would be a really good way to promote yourself as an artist, freelancer or small business.

If you'd like to participate, please present some previous tutorials that you produced here and list your expertise and availability.


(Gerpho) #2

Hi Bart

I could contribute, but I guess what I would say is probably outside the topic : of course, I'm only able of discussing scanning works of art, whereas the subject is probably creating in 3D.

(Bart) #3

I'm not excluding any topics at this stage yet; I can definitely check if they're interested in scanning. Have you written tutorials before? Can you share some links?

(Bdnewnan) #4

Sure I would be interested, see my portfolio below
thus far I have some experience with larger objects and will be working on buildings and bridges.

(Neexplorers) #5

If you're still looking, I'll be writing up a tutorial for doing SfM on shipwrecks using a kayak or consumer ROV. I'd be happy to share it with you for publishing. Its a great low cost way to do DIY-3D archeology.


(Ettienne) #6

Hi Bart,

I can help out with specifically modeling, and some general rendering and texturing tutorials if needed. I've written a while ago a tutorial or (design process) for sketchfab here about building the Lamborgihni Egoista for instance, found here: