I'm not able to add multiple models to a collection

(Alex Cooke) #1

There is no drop down menu to add models to a collection. How to I add multiple models?

Invited a friend but don't have Pro version
(Dark Minaz) #2

(Alex Cooke) #3

Thanks for your response. As you can see from the screenshot it’s still not letting me add to a collection even though I’ve already created it. Any idea why?

(Dark Minaz) #4

Hmm no clue why it won’t let you add it to one that already exists then, sounds like a bug in that case.

(Bart) #5

Do you mean that after creating a new collection, it doesn’t show in the ‘Add to Collection’ list?

(Alex Cooke) #6

Yes, it can’t find the add to collection list.

(Bart) #7

I just learned that this is a known bug, we’ll get that fixed.

(Alex Cooke) #8

Ok, thanks. Do you know when this will be fixed by?

(Bart) #9

I just did a quick test and I think it’s fixed. Could you try again please?

(Alex Cooke) #10

Yes all good now thanks!

On another issue do you know why I’m not able to add model to a collection I’ve already created.



I’ve merged the two forum topics.

(Alex Cooke) #13

It didn’t initially work but I’m now able to add to a collection. I had to briefly make one model public and turn it back onto private after. Thanks.

Also, on my models they all have an opaque part to them and when I edit them in 3D settings they are fine and once I publish they are fine for about 5 minutes but after that and then turn back to having no opacity. Do you know how I can correct this?

(Bart) #14

Please open a separate topic for a new issue.

(Tiagojdferreira) #15

There is a fix on the way. A temporary workaround is to create at least one collection with a public model (doesn’t have to be your own model).

(Fof Sedona) #16

I note that you indicate that this issue has been resolved but I am now having it trying to add models to existing collections for FOFSedona account. The collections exist if I want to see them but they do not appear when trying to add additional models. When I try to create as new again, it does indicate that the collection exists.

Add on query. I have a large number of models to add to collections. In some cases, 20-50 models for each. Is there any way to add multiple models to a specific collection or must they be done individually.
many thanks

(Bart) #17

Hmm, you mean that the ‘Add to Collection’ window does not show your collection? I can’t reproduce that here; would you give us more information about your browser+os? Also, did you try clearing your cache and disabling your browser plugins?

I’m afraid that we don’t have such a feature :-/


Are the models private?