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"Im not afraid of you" - Halloween themed turnable [WIP]

(Sazem) #1

Hi guys,

I got inspired to make more 3d after the last Sketchfab contest. I had so much more ideas to make into that contest, but I really didnt have all the skills to make.. example animations etc. And that deadline came so quick finally. Now im trying to improve and learn more Blender.

So I had this idea of boy with wooden sword and "monstrous" pumpkin man.
I was thinking to make some simple looping animations into the scene. Already watched few hours of rigging videos at Youtube.

Here is the concepts so far.

Here is the Concept speedpainting:

Ideas and crits are welcome, so what you guys think? :slight_smile:

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #2

Cant Wait, If You need Any Help, We The community is Here :wink:

(Michael On) #3

Game Heat and cold darkness and light

so more power on the good side :slight_smile:

(Sazem) #4

Thats a great idea michael_on. Maybe the light could be some metallic lantern or something because there is already the wooden fence behind :slight_smile:

Been working other things this weekend but today I started making the base plate and put some fast color into it. Just around 30 minutes of work so far into this model.

Hopefully get more stuff done tomorrow.

(Sazem) #5

Making the boy for the scene. Damn I suck at modeling living creatures. Especially faces are very hard.. Painting helped some but still it sucks.. well practice makes perfect.

(Chaitanyak) #6

my favorite kind of helmet :slight_smile: havnt seen it in a long time :slight_smile: