I'm really worrying about the new Sketchfab TOS following Epic Games acquisition

The new TOS state that I grant Sketchfab, and by extension the Epic Games now, " fully paid-up, perpetual, irrevocable," license to " adapt, create derivative works of and otherwise exploit User Content for any and all purposes".
From the description, it sounds like a one-way road, that if you upload something to the site then Sketchfab can now use it “for any and all purposes” however they want, and since it’s “irrevocable” - they can continue using it even if you will delete your model or your entire account from the site. So do the new terms apply retroactively to the content uploaded prior to the change of agreement?
Is it too late to remove content I don’t want Sketchfab or Epic Games to “create derivative works of and otherwise exploit for any and all purposes”?

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