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I'm searching a 3D Model of Koloss of rome next the Colosseum

(Schnier) #1

Is there someone able to make this Modell? Must be for 3D Print high 50 cm.

(Dark Minaz) #2

There are quite a lot of people who could do that probably, but i hardly think it would be for free.
For example , they do wonderful sculpts of quite a lot of things.

(Schnier) #3

I donĀ“t mean for free, but we have to know the price.

(Lapin) #4

Hi Schnier!
We can make for You a model Koloss for 3d printing. The model will be completely identical to the picture you provided. See private message.


(Chaitanyak) #5

er .. this may be redundant @Schnier but did you check thingiverse? my buddy printed a colloseum from a model he got from there

oh wait.. your looking for a Collosus model.. i see.