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I'm your father, Annotated scene by Xavi H

(Xavi H. OromĂ­) #1

Hi! First time posting on Sketchfab Forums! I dont want to miss this contests! I choose "I'm your father" scene. I think its a great scene and the most iconing scene of all SW movies, plasming such a great scene into a 3D anotated scene is a challenge! I'll be posting here the W.I.P of my scene. Right now I didnt decided the style yet, stay tuned for upcoming updates, Thanks!

(Bart) #2

Cool, glad to see you've joined us :smile: I've added one month of Sketchfab PRO to your account so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations for your Star Wars scene. Enjoy :smile:

(Xavi H. OromĂ­) #3

I started working on my scene. I've been thinking about how to do the project, what to do etc.
I've decided to create a re-design of the scene and its characters. I really like futuristic sci-fy and this project gives me the opportunity of create a tribute of other great cyber-punk and scify works that I love since i'm was a kid and make my own interpretation of the star wars character's design and try to evoke the same sensations of the original movie with a style twist.

Here are some image research for the environment, Vader and Luke.

Now i'll start doing the concepts before start modelling. \ö/

(Bart) #4

Cool! It's easy to post these images here on the forum too - just drag them into your message :smile:

(Bart) #5

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Xavi H. OromĂ­) #6

Hey! I've started working on the model of Darth Vader. I did a few sketches and did a rought blocking modeling to see if how are the shapes of my idea in 3D I'm not super happy with the result yet and i'll keep working on it!

Darth Vader WIP 01 by xavioromi on Sketchfab

I did a quick rig to see how a pose fits on the model too..

Any feedback is wellcome!

EDIT: @bartv It seems that i cant embed my model... i'm trying to copy paste the embed by a iframe tag but the "play preview" doesnt work... i'm doing something wrong?

(Bart) #8

Looking good! I've fixed your embed - no need to copy the HTML embed code, just insert the model url in your message :smile:

(Xavi H. OromĂ­) #9

Hi again!
I'm uploading a WIP on the environment.

Im trying to do a modular blocking to build all the escenario. I dont really know how many time will take me to do what i want i hope to dont waist the remaining time trying to do what i cant do in these 3 weeks!


(Xavi H. OromĂ­) #10

Hi! Heres is a quick update of my the project.
I did more envirnoment modelling... almost finished with the blocking. After that i'll detail modelling and start texturing.
I'm pasting here some screenshots with a quick lighting test to show my idea of the look and feel of the scene :smile:

(Jamesculley) #11

Love the art style so far, very creative..

(Xavi H. OromĂ­) #12

Thanks @jamesculley :smile:

I'm posting here a update of the environment... right now is pretty hight poly... i dont know the limitations of the web GL, i how it works ok for you guys.

There is a lot of errors but is just a quick test to see how it looks under sketchfab engine.

WIP Starwars Contest Enviro by xavioromi on Sketchfab

@bartv there is any way to change the camera near/far clipping?

(Xavi H. OromĂ­) #13

I've started texturing a bit some props that more or less are finished! (using quixel suite)
a quick test for texturing.

P 01 WIP by xavioromi on Sketchfab