Image "squished" in Google Cardboard (bug?)

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Hi - I'm a new user and discovered this when attempting to view simple models in Google Cardboard (following the directions here). Sometimes, the images display properly, like this (meaning they take up the entire height of the screen when the phone is held in landscape mode)

Other times, the image appears squished vertically, which then makes the image really distorted when you view it through a headset:

It took me a few tries to figure this out, but after trying to reconstruct the problem - it looks like it happens if you launch the VR view when the phone is in portrait mode (i.e. append "/embed?cardboard=1" to the URL then click the play button that appears on the model) then rotate the phone to landscape mode. The image doesn't resize properly. If you rotate the phone to landscape first then hit the "play" button, it will take up the whole screen.

This is probably minor, but it had me confused for a while since I usually operate my phone in portrait orientation and only switch to landscape right when I need to stick it into the VR headset. Thought I'd post it here in case I'm actually doing something wrong or if it's a bug.


Hi, thanks for the thorough report. It's a known bug on iOS (are you on iOS?) and we're looking into it!

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Hi - sorry I forgot to mention my system - I'm on Android with an HTC One M8.

While we're at it, I've also had trouble with the "default view" loading properly when entering cardboard mode. I can set the default view either on a desktop or on mobile using the "save view" button, then that view appears when I append /embed?cardboard=1 to the URL...but when I hit "play" and it renders the Cardboard view, sometimes (but not always) it teleports the camera to another location. Is that also a known bug?

Edit to add examples. Here's the default view I have saved:

It's still fixed in that view when I add /embed?cardboard=1 to the URL...

But when I hit play and it goes to 3D, the camera is now way below the model somewhere:


Ok, thanks! We're looking into it. No update yet :confused:

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Ditto for me too. Really keen to have this working too please. I also just replied to a discussion from last July in regards to being able to 'move around' the model ( using a connected Bluetooth keyboard pressing arrow buttons) when I cardboard mode. PLEASE! I'm a lighting designer and being able to show clients fully rendered internal model AND walk around using cardboard would be fantastic! Thanks.

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I second that as well...we're using this for education (have kids design 3D models in CAD then view them in VR), and being able to move around in the world instead of just look around would be great. In the Google Earth app on Cardboard, you can use the magnetic slider to toggle between moving forward and standing still - a simple control like that would be great.

(Jupitersrx7) #7

Love to see a fix to this. One of the reason I have upgraded to a pro.


Hi all,

The vertical distortion on iOS devices should be fixed now.

Let us know if you run into any more issues.

(Arnaudbanner) #9

Dear James,
I followed your instructions (rotation of the iPhone prior to click on Play)
How to hide the URL bar and the bottom bar of Safari browser on iOS?


If you rotate into Portrait mode and back into Landscape mode, Safari will hide the top and bottom bar.

It's still broken on Chrome for iOS, but I just tested it with Safari and it's ok.

You can even add URL parameters like /embed?ui_infos=0 to hide the Sketchfab info bar at the top and get a really clean viewing experience.

(Arnaudbanner) #11

Hi. I tried your suggestion. I do not have the same result. Top and bottom bar stil do not hide


Sorry, I can't reproduce.

1 - Load page in portrait

2 - Switch to landscape - no bars

3 - Load page in landscape

4 - Switch to portrait

5 - Switch back to landscape - no bars

6 - Press play - no bars

7 - Press Play from portrait

8 - Switch to landscape - no bars

(Jupitersrx7) #13

This is great news!
Now, when can we have Annotation in VR?

Thank you!