Images in description field does not load anymore

(The Hallwyl Museum) #1


In the description fields in these models I have included direct links to images on an other site

This have been working fine until yesterday when they didn´t want to load anymore.
It´s the same in both Safari and Chrome on Mac.



Hi Erik,

Hmm, can you give me a link directly to one of the models with an image?

(The Hallwyl Museum) #3

Its the same with all the models in the collection I linked to above.


Thanks, we’re investigating!

(Norgeotloic) #6

In case there was any doubt, I can confirm the behaviour: images won’t display on my models either. I mainly use imgur as hosting (for instance )

Good luck to the support team to catch this bad bug!

(The Hallwyl Museum) #7

Any progress on this matter?



The fix is live! Thanks for your patience.

(The Hallwyl Museum) #9

Thanx Support King!