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Hey guys! My name is Igor and even I'm being here for a long time I'm really newbie for a forum posts. So all I wanted to say is that I'm a game artist mostly working on a characters. You can see my works through my profile. But it's not the point. At the moment I'm doing a LIVE STREAM on Low Poly game character creation in Blender. I'm going to present the whole process including animation workflow and publishing the final at the Sketchfab. So you are welcome and may join LIVE STREAM right here - It's the second part of Low Poly game character creation in Blender. You can watch the first one HERE
So I'm glad to make the first post on the FORUM. Sketchfab, thanks for the WebGL!

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Hi people! Stream is LIVE again
Follow the link and subscribe please!
It's the next part of Low Poly game character creation in Blender.
In a future I'm going to create a series of tutorials about the whole process of creating game models and the aspects that game artist needs to know. But for now I'm just doing the test so really need a feedback. It's the way we can do this character together! Hope to see you in the chat!

IMarty - Low Poly game character creation in Blender Live Streaming 02

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Hey, thanks for hosting such a cool WIP thread here! Have you considered uploading your intermediate models and embed them into the forum as a Sketchfab model?

And one thing: I did remove the 'Artist in Residence' bit from your topic title though because we reserve that name for artists that we actually have, well, in residence :wink:

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Thanks Bart! Got it. Yes sure I will upload the final on the sketchfab. Is there a reason to post WIP stages right on a Sketchfab?

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Just a fun way to document your WIP here on the forum!

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Chek out the current WIP stage
Subscribe the channel for interactive watching. Looking forward to see you in chat!

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Join the stream!
Going to start in 20 minutes. Today me going work on RIG and Walkcycle animation. Come join!

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Next WIP stage

Next WIP stage. Was working on test animation for a future development of design.
Tomorrow I'll try to show some video with the cuts of stream I was doing today.
But for now you can see some previous streams on this character HERE