Import models from Skycatch?

(Qlddrones) #1

Does anyone have any advice on importing 3D mesh models from Skycatch? Mine have no texture even though a texture file is included in the upload. There are two texture JPGs in the Skycatch download file, but Sketchfab only seems to want one of them. Which one?

(Bart) #2

What kind of files does Skycatch export? Could you post a sample export here?

(Qlddrones) #3

Hi Bart,, try this. You should not need to log in.

This is all the exportable files.


The two JPEGs are identical, so I'm not sure why it outputs 2 textures. The MTL file references "2017-01-13_Plainland.jpg", so that's the one to use.

Just upload all three files together (OBJ, MTL, JPG), and you can ZIP/RAR/7z them up into an archive to save space:

There are also tools to convert that .LAS file into a point cloud that we support, but it seems like you're more interested in the textured mesh version.

(Qlddrones) #5

Thanks James, I'll give that a try. Unfortunately I did not get notified of your reply, just stumbled across it.

What are the LAS conversion tools you mention? And how does the converted point cloud get uploaded?


(Qlddrones) #6

Hi James, I uploaded the model again as per your instructions, no errors, but the result is not usable.

What did I do wrong?