Import Sketchfab Assets To Unreal Engine 4

Hey, I wanted to ask, how I can import 3D models, I downloaded from Sketchfab, to UE4. I am a complete Beginner and just wanted to play around a bit, but it seems that the models are saved as wrong document types or something? What do I do with the ZIP-thingy I get, when i click download? I unpacked it, but nothing inside is the right asset to import. What do I do wrong? What do I have to do, to do it right?

No one?:neutral_face:

Sketchfab supports a lot of file formats, so if nothing inside the zip is recognised by Unreal for import, then it probably doesn’t support the file format the model was made and uploaded in.

To get it to work you’ll need to convert it to a support format in a 3D editor like Blender, Maya etc. I’m not too familiar with the Unreal import settings, but I’d guess that FBX is their preferred format :slight_smile:

We’re also working to better support UE4 exporters cc @waleguene

I tried to use sketchfab ue4 plugin
but it is not compatible with UE4 4.18 version, Can I get source code of plugin? or 4.18 compatible version of plugin?

We just shipped a new version, can you try this one?

are there any supports for the current unreal engine 4.24.3?