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Import to unity gets messed up

(Shanytopper) #1

I am using the Sketchfab to unity plugin, and when I’m trying to import an asset it gets really messed up.
(The asset I am talking about is as you can see if you try to import it, it’s all upside down, the trees are missing, and there are those huge… “side” chunks, that make no sense…)

Edit: It seems as if some sub-assets are upside down, and some are straight, and this mixture of directions is what causing those issues. Is there a way to get them all to their correct rotations?

Any idea on how can I fix it?


Hmm, I think @waleguene is the best person to take a look.

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @shanytopper,

The issue is due to the model where faces are not oriented correctly (flipped) and Unity materials being single sided. The model looks good on Sketchfab and on other glTF viewer such as where it’s rendered in double sided. I means that you will see a face in all directions, whatever their orientation.

Unity materials are single sided so if the faces are not oriented toward the camera, they are not visible.
There is no easy fix for this except using a custom shader.

You can find some info in this thread:

I hope it helps