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Important Suggestion for 3D editor FLAT shader + PBR shader


(VirtualAnubis) #1

well its very important for me to do one thing , have Flat shader While also Have PBR shader for SPECIFIC objects , example
Flat shader for a character to put BAKED TEXTURES on him

And a PBR SHADER to have Metal Armour or Metal Pieces , Reflect (as FLAT render doesn't reflect)

my objective with this is having neat 3D scenes with good visuals , because looking at a fighting scene between warrios i am planning to do , having all baked including metals that are non reflective it looks weird

anyway thanks for the service its Amazing even if it needs some improvements :slight_smile:


There's a great Art Spotlight about this. You can use Emission on the flat objects and maintain reflections on other objects:

(VirtualAnubis) #3

O ma gawd thats very great .. shame my Pro plan is wearing off now ... mmm , but since this website is great , i will surely buy the pro version...
one question tho

is it possible to just pay once per year (or all at once) ? because monthly is kind of not ideal for me at least

*edit oh sorry there was a yearly option :slight_smile: thats great



If you start the yearly plan, the monthly subscription is not automatically canceled in PayPal - make sure to check that. Or let me know and I'll do it for you :slight_smile: