Imported Animations fragmented

(Yenadar) #1

I am trying to import a model with an animation from Blender into Sketchfab, but the animations are all split apart into fragments.

I have 9 or so objects, 3 have an animation. It's a mechanical device, 1 object rotates -32 degrees, pauses, back to center, rotates +25 degrees, pauses, back to center. The other 2 animated objects are similar, to match their function.

Exporting to PBX and importing, or just importing the Blender file, generates a big list of animations. Each separate keyframe segment for each object is a different animation to select, and all 3 objects get EVERY animation segment, even from the other objects. So not only does nothing move together, but objects have animations that were not assigned to them in Blender. (Plus camera animations, which was never animated)

(updated link, I deleted the old one)

I do not notice a difference between importing the .blend vs the .fbx.

Am I doing something wrong on either Blender Export or Sketchfab import?

(Yenadar) #2

I found the Sketchfab Exporter in Blender finally, and it baked all of the animations together. But a new problem is that the animated objects are transparent.

(updated link, i deleted the old one)

I thought they were missing till I found a reference in another post where it was found to be transparent, and I turned on wireframe and sure enough, the moving objects had wireframe (which is how i could confirm that the animation was working correctly). I guess this is a materials problem?

...still hunting. I'll post updates as i find stuff.

(Yenadar) #3

Found it.

I never noticed the material dropdown, so was only looking at the first material there.

Once I noticed that, I went through the list and every material was flagged for Transparency = On. For some reason, this didn't affect the materials of the static objects, however it successfully made the materials for the animated objects transparent.

Not sure what I could do differently to prevent it in the first place, but the model is correctly showing everything.

(Waleguene) #4

Hi @yenadar,

You should get the same result when using the exporter or uploading manually the .blend file on Sketchfab, and only FBX should generate a lot of actions. Could you give another try and send the link so that we can take a look ?

You can get more informations about how Blender animation support works here:

For the transparency enabled on some materials, sorry for that, it's a known issue that is still not fixed (it should not be related to animated vs static objects).