Importing 3d model to website

(Mcgavinvsisrael) #1

I wanted to use one of my models as a home page for my website (like this site )

Ive been trying to get this to work but so far no avail.


You could try something like this:

(Christopherz) #3

I exported my 3d file two different ways 3ds and dae. I can view them in my sketchfab profile but when i submit the link to other websites it only provides a link to the site not the 3d model like past ones i have uploaded. Thanks!


Where are you trying to share the models? Have you tried using the embed code?

(Christopherz) #5

I am using the Quirky site and I have tried the embedded code too besides the web link no luck yet. Thanks for your suggestion i appreciate it.

(Christopherz) #6

Hey James,
I used sketch up for the renderings this time which was a different program that I used the first time and it still hasn't worked. I tried both file types and did the same process to upload it which worked fine. Not sure if it's the program bc it worked last time? The link shows up but not the screen with the 3d render. Hope you have another suggestion for me to try. Have a great night. Thanks.

(Bart) #7

Are you using the 'full' link and not the shortened one? For example, use:

And not:

If that doesn't work either, I'd check in with Quirky support.