Importing .abc files into blender, then to sketchfab..hmm


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After going through a lot of trouble, I find myself in another hurdle where I absolutely need cloth simulation to be displayed into sketchfab.

I have done a lot of failed trial and error uploads, and hopefully this works**. I am hoping exporting my cloth as a .abc file then importing that same file back to blender does the trick for a cloth-physics work-a-round**, and that it will animate itself in the sketchfab viewport. (Currently uploading, will update progress)

As oppose to the work-a-round being mentioned in this post : using 1 shape key for each frame.

(white cloth = .imported .abc format)

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I saw that you got it working. What was the solution?

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@james sorry for the extremely late reply,

I added bones and manually animated it since all other solutions flunked

I am now currently working on my 3rd and 4th character piece respectively in blender 2.8 , with its new sets of problems :smiley:


Haha understood, good luck!