Importing ramp shader from Maya


(Gwbalto) #1

Alright, so I'm having some troubles with the textures of my model when I import it. I used a ramp shader in maya and I am wondering if there is anyone to upload it and get the ramp shader to show up properly. Currently it is showing up as black in draft view.

(Simon Kratz) #2

If it's a shader it's probably generated dynamically inside Maya.
Are you rendering the ramp onto a texture before uploading it to Sketchfab?

(Gwbalto) #3

No, I didn't render it onto a texture. I pretty much just dragged the toon shader onto the faces I wanted coloured. sorry haha, im still a student learning about all of this. Ill try to do that though, thank you!!

(Simon Kratz) #4

Haha np, you never stop learning :smile:
I'm pretty sure that is indeed the source of your problem. The Toon Shader is built inside the Maya rendering pipeline so you could say Sketchfab "doesn't understand".
For everything to work fine you need to exchange stuff between programs using standards like textures, meshes, vertex colors etc.