Importing shape key animated model


(Catilaporte) #1

Hello , I animated a wingless pigeon with shape keys,
The shape keys do not work and the mesh get all broken.
Once deleting the shapekey in sketchfab , the mesh goes back to normal

BTW , i tried many upload , removing some of the shape keys etc.... with the same result

thanks for yours suggestions!
Here ,is the same pigeons with shape keys deleted

Pombo8 by catilaporte on Sketchfab

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @catilaporte,

Thanks for reporting this :smile:

We have currently some issues with shape keys support, and here both the animation duration and the shape keys are bad. The mesh will look good after the next update of our Blender animation processing (~1 week more or less). I will manage to fix the duration issue asap (a possible workaround would be to remove the action "Action" on the pigeon)

I'll keep you in touch :smile:

(Catilaporte) #3

Hello, I removed the "action" on the pigeon, but the result was the same :worried: ,while the shapekeys are working fine on muy last upl.

(Waleguene) #4


Hum, yeah I see. Fixes are ready and should be live next week. I use your model for tests so I should work fine after the release :smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Have a nice day ! :smile:

(Catilaporte) #5

hello , I just uploaded a new model (a white chicken dancing in a kiosque) and realized that the shape keys problem is related to material,(I have no material animation, just plain material) it separate the mesh by material. I have a striped curtain opening , the curtain shape key is opening only one of the 2 colors of the curtain, the chicken shape keys are working only on the first material (white) of the chicken, all the part of the chicken not white (like the legs) are not responding to the shape keys ,( While the all chicken is crossing the stage driven by the empty )what should i do? (beside unwrapping everything and texturepaint it)
(I didn't publish it since it does not work , I did re- upl a draft with the kiosque with 1 material only , and the curtain opens as it should ,

(Waleguene) #6


First, I am sorry for the delay but unfortunately, the fixes I was talking about in my previous messages are not yet on, so you will still have issues with the pigeon model.

You are right, the animation issue is related to materials, and multi materials meshes will have their shape keys broken. There are issues with the links bewteen geometries and animations, and fixes for this are included in the ones mentionned before.

Thanks for your tests, I hope I will be able to tell you "everything will work now" soon :smile:

Have a nice day!

(Waleguene) #7


Fixes have been proded yesterday so you should have better results with your models. Could you give a try and tell me if there is still something wrong ? :smile:

Thanks, and have a nice day!

(Catilaporte) #8

YES! great! It works"

(Catilaporte) #9

Dancing chicken by catilaporte on Sketchfab