Importing world machine to sketchfab?

(Dodlur) #1

hæ sketchfab community!

how does one import a world machine file into skecthfab? is it a smaller resolution heightmap generated from world machine? like a 512 x 512?

or - do i create a planar mesh and subdivide it to hell? :wink:

i've seen a fair share of world machine uploads - so i'm curious!


(Nomadking) #2

I've never tried this myself, but @han did a tutorial on World Machine to Sketchfab here:

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

(Dodlur) #3

hey there - thanks for the link.

however, i already know how to use wolrd machine :smile:

i'm more curious about how to get it into sketchfab.. :+1:

(Nomadking) #4

It doesn't say much, but he does briefly cover exporting for Sketchfab at the end.

(Dodlur) #5

a næs - totally missed that - my bad! thanks! :wink:

(Han) #6

Hey there :slight_smile:

worldmachine has an output node which can export to a mesh
this mesh can be imported like usual in sketchfab
let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

(Dodlur) #7

hey thanks - i'm aware of that. i guess my concerns were limitations - file size, terrain size, etc..

just wanna keep it safe! :+1:

(Han) #8

i would recommend if you have knowledge of other 3d software to bring it in there as a high res and optimise / decimate it

think of it as a highpoly from zbrush that need to be baked down

(Dodlur) #9

indeed. i guess it's a matter of experimentation :smiley: