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Importing *.xyz files to Sketchfab

(Petzk) #1

Im about to get some bathymetric seabed charts in XYZ format. I wolder if it is possible to import them to Sketchfab?

(Bart) #2

We don't support XYZ files, but it seems it's quite easy to convert them to STL using the free MeshLab software:

Please let me know if that worked for you!


(Petzk) #3

Thanx, I will let you know how it worked after trying


Looks like that converts it to a mesh. You could also maintain a point cloud, but use a different format (like PLY)

(Bart) #5

Hey @petzk, did it work?

(Petzk) #6

I did never have to try, The software I use was able to save as *.obj, and other nice formats.. but thanks a ton for the suggestions. I might try it later just out of curiosity. Will let you know then!

(Petzk) #7

oh, name of software is Cloud Compare btw

(Bart) #8

Hey that's great, you should introduce that to the Cultural Heritage group on the forum, I'm sure they'd love to give it a try:

Could you post it there?