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Impossible to delete annotations


(Matmond) #1

Hello everyone,
I just published today a model I've been uploaded few weeks ago, when my account was still pro. I have now automatically switched to a basic account. The model is more than 50MB and contains 6 annotations.
Since I would like to modify a few 3D settings, sketchab tells me that I need first to delete the sixth annotation to fit the basic account requirements. Ok, that's fair but : the delete and edit icons that usually are located above each annotation box aren't there anymore...
I can't delete the sixth annotation and save any modification on that model. And I can't reupload the model since it is more than 50MB.
Could you please help me with that ?

(Mariannegoudriaan) #2

I never had a PRO account, but the icons for deleting etc. aren't there anymore today for me either while they were there yesterday. So probably a problem for all accounts?

(Arthur Jamain) #3

Hey Mat,

Sorry for the unfortunate situation. We've indeed introduced a bug that should be fixed on Monday.

Ping @james ; can we do something manually until then ?


[WIP] VitSh. Octopus island, castle and the rest
(Vit Sh) #4

The bug is still there.
I would love to remove all my annotations from this scene:

Can @james or someone help me with that?

(Arthur Jamain) #5

The fix has been delayed and should be pushed this afternoon (CEWT).

(Matmond) #6

Thanks for your answers,
That's fixed now !