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Improve Sketchfab please! :D


(Ndrakey) #1

I just dont get the sketchfab principle. Sometimes I see models that amaze the sh*t out of me. I see that this Person must have been working on a model for one month or more. What he gets is 3 likes but 100 Downloads (if he offered it for free). Dont you have to like something when you download it?

The second Thing i noticed is that stuff, as Long as it`s textured, gets more Attention than more amazing art which isnt textured.

the third Thing is: why do staff promoted models get thousands of clicks, whereas the same models without a Promotion get like 70 views Maximum.

I mean, I understand that sketchfab is large, but not that large... But why do I see the same models over and over again? They are always on the top, which means they are seen more often and get more views.

Just wondering about a few things :smiley:

(Ndrakey) #2

I dont want to sound rude. I just want to see this great site improve as Im almost every day here, searching for inspiration.

You should encourage people to comment. Give this site some extra functions which can be unlocked by commenting or so :).

(Ndrakey) #3

Ive been to some pixelart sites 10 years ago. They always had challenges like once a week or so. I would like to see this here too.

(Elbriga) #4

I think you could see the same thing happening on youtube or vimeo, some videos are awesome and yet get very little visibility ^^ it's not really sketchfab's job to give views, you have to share your model properly and it takes time to get exposure :smile:
About textured models, I think people like to view "finished" projects, especially people who don't know anything about 3D: I would think those models get shared alot more on social media for example, rather than tests or unfinished work, even if it's awesome :smile:

I'm not part of the Sketchfab staff so this is just my point of view :smile:

There also are alot (and more and more) challenges and contests on sketchfab! Don't forget it's a rather fresh platform, it's growing fast and t improves quickly I must say :smile:

(Simon Kratz) #5

I'm not sure how Sketchfab currently sorts models apart from staff picking. Vut I agree, it could be a bit more community driven.
Twitter has daily trends on the start page to show what's going on aroumd the world.
I think youtube sorts models each day with "today most viewed" and "today most commented". Maybe highlighting these kind of models would engourage the community to participate in commenting, liking and viewing whats popular.
Even older models could get more attention this way. At the moment I feel like really amazing but old models (despite beimg really great) just vanish over time.
Which is a natural thing to happen but maybe there's a way to bring more atrention to older uploads.

(Andrew Leahy) #6

I've found it useful to click Follow on artists where I've Liked more than a couple of pieces. Those artists new work show up in my sketchfab feed on the landing page.

Bringing to the surface content that will be of value to a particular member is a tough challenge! How do sites like DeviantArt do it?

YouTube's 'Recommended for You' is pretty clever and almost always gets it right for me.... but sure, they are AI geniuses.

Cheers, Andrew

(Dark Minaz) #7

I halfway agree, some models tend to get way to much attention for what they are and some don't.
But aside from the staff pics that tend to get more, it is part of the artists job to promote their links.
Sadly sketchfab can't really do a lot about who watches what.

Totally agree with the "like for download" part though, kinda weird to have 13 downloads and 2 likes.

(Bart) #8

Thanks for your feedback @ndrakey! It's always good to hear such concerns.

I think it's good to note that there are two pages that list such models: 'staff picks' and 'popular'. Popularity is a mix of views and likes, and is more community-driven than staff picks. I say 'more' because as you noted, once an object gets staff picked, it usually gets a lot of views.

We we're just discussing these mechanics yesterday in fact - some of us argued that the 'popular' gallery is not dynamic enough as it lists the popular models of the last 7 days. A 'Trending' gallery (maybe a mix of the number of views, likes and comments in the last 12 or 24 hours) would be much more dynamic and democratic. What are your thoughts on that?

Regarding weekly challenges: yep, we're working on that with @essimoon in fact :smile: It's on hold for this week as we have some other weekly activities going, but it should be back soon enough.

(Ndrakey) #9

looking at Facebook I noticed that they upgraded their "liking" System from one like button to different "grades" of likes. Maybe create an algorithm were the Overall popularity of a model gets calculated by the amount of good and "bad" likes. Staff picks could be used for some Kind of "Hall of Fame" where you can see the best of the best works (to grant Quality of this site)

Look at the Eurovision song contest: They have a System where some Kind of Jury (like the staff here) has 50% influence on the popularity of the Piece of art. The other 50% is the People who "call" for it. That "call" could be the "likes" here.

I would be in favor for a System where you could give seperate "marks" for texturing, modeling and Animation to calculate the popularity. I want to be able to Chose between good modelings and good texturings. There should be "Award" Labels for that.

I think there are many ways to make the whole Thing more dynamic.

(Distance880) #10

I understand why some people do not take the step to like something they download. We should automatically get a like for it.

I just wish I could sort my models by their download popularity. I can sort them by the likes they get, or the views, but I really wish I could sort them based on their usefulness to other people. I personally value downloads over likes for my own models.

(Warsoul) #11

Why not some defined space for total random model pick of the year ?

Why not randoming a little ?

1 Random Low poly
1 Random High Poly
1 Random Sculpt
1 Random ConceptArt

(Graft) #12

In my opinion, there always be models that are
undervalued. With so many uploads you can give all of them exposure they deserve.
Only we users can help others to be noticed by looking them and hitting like button :wink:

(Bart) #13

That sounds like quite a bit of complexity to handle, not only for us, but for users too, and I'm not convinced it would increase the number of likes - it might even have the opposite effect. First steps like better surfacing 'trending' content are much more realistic - quick to implement and test/improve.

While I don't think auto-liking is a good idea, we can definitely encourage people to like after downloading. I'll suggest that.

Hmmmmm... that might result in spectacularly crappy galleries :slight_smile: There's have to be some more intelligence involved I think?

True, but we can improve the platform so that people are more encouraged to like each other's work. Similar to when you click like, you get a little popup that says 'also share?'. That increased our social media shares a LOT.

(Pauljs75) #14

This is why I think there should be a "browse random" option for the gallery. Click button, random project comes up. Other big online art communities have this feature that helps improve exposure for all artists. (I mentioned it before in another thread.)

Without that feature it's only picks/popular/newest that gets looked at. (Often it's still skewed that way, but the little bit that comes from the random browse doesn't hurt. And regardless of the "crap factor" some "hidden gems" can be found that way.)

(Distance880) #15

You have a "share" button for each project, so people can move the projects onto Pinerest, and facebook, ect. If you had a "share button" that allowed Sketchfab users to share their likes with their followers, so that their likes would appear in the newsfeeds of the people that follow them, this would give individual models the potential to get viral exposure within Sketchfab it's self. News feeds would be a lot more dynamic with the models that are shown, rather than just post notices.

(Bart) #16

We're close to releasing an update to the news feed that does exactly that - showing likes of artists that you follow (and more :wink:.

Still not a big fan of random galleries though without putting more thought into how you could make it effective.

(Distance880) #17

:smiley: Hows it work! Did we just get the update??

(Bart) #18

We just released 'Collections' - A blogpost with a full description will follow in one hour.

The other features you're referring to are still in development!

(Mauricesvay) #19

@ndrakey @dark_minaz we're experimenting something new for downloads. When the download starts, we now display a dialog that explains how to properly credit the author, and let users like the model to show their appreciation. We'll see how that works.

(Hong Zhihao) #20

I might not be totally addressing the topic here, but i would also like to add my 2 cents :smile:

[In my opinion], I see Sketchfab as somewhat a social media platform, for real time 3d modelers :smile:
The amount of likes do not equate to good, at least not all the time. Its really how you play the social media game. If it is likes you are looking for, then make stuff that your supposed audience like so they will pay attention to it. You can spend 6 months to model and texture a character and it can turn out real nice, but if your subject material isn't part of a trending topic then don't expect as much attention.

Another thing to note, I am sure you know that a piece of art that might look simple, take less time for a particular artist to create, but lets remember that this particular artists might have used his years of experience and artistic sense to create this art work... in a nutshell, spend more time/effort doesn't mean deserve more attention. At least not in a social media platform.

It might sound harsh, but this is what i see everywhere. :confused:
oh well