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hey, again, i am totaly in love with sketsfab, but i am new to 3d models, so was curioas if there could be

  • after upload that you have to Aprove the replaced model (already the saving feuture is great)
  • tiling feuture, like the hat used in my model, when i tile in 3dsmax, it comes somwhat odd on sketsfab, but also mixamo
    so guesed whould be nice to have very very basic tile in materials, for stuf like hats or the very very basic stuf, but could save time, i have already reulpoaded more ten 5 times now today, while leurning how to get that texture to tile
    gues not a sketsfab fault, but if its easy to do it whould be awsome

Huge Fan!

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(Shaderbytes) #2

I DO NOT agree with your points , these would not be improvements.

at rate sketchfab fab acquires new uesres and the amount of uploads... this would be the full the timejob of a hundred people. Also what is the standard for approval? this is a grey area . Youtube does not approve the videos you upload.. neither should sketch do this.Only if a model is flagged for any sort of dissaprooval via the community will it get attention of staff.. same thing for other BIG platforms .

(Rolypolyshakeshake) #3

oh no Shader, i ment difrend my friend;) i ment when just keep uploading as you do, but when replace, that the model is not replaced automaticaly and stored as replacment, but you stil have the chance to check if you want to replace with the model you replaced them with

sory for confusing! i ment totaly and uterly somting els;)!!!!! now wory!

i am ahshamed, my gramar is bad as it is, but never got a mis understanding like this:) i am very sory!

for example i tryed to tile the texture on my models scarf, and loaded on a difrend way the model and replaced it, this went bad due my ack of experience becuase its my first model. so whith the autotations went totoaly on difrend place, and werenet synced, which ofcourse logical, but yet ,

think my choosen word of 'Aprove: should be confirmed by user, gues it was wrong word, its like (do you want to replace this model with the model you have uploaded?( when see the example what it turns out to be)

tos tres out that i am in love with sketsfab and trying to reacreate it on unity:)

more if not understand, wich logical due my gramar please reply!

but anyway sketsfab is wonderful, so no need to change anything, wasent ment likje that;)

kind regards


Saving different versions during re-upload / replace would be interesting, but a technical challenge for us to implement properly.

We hope to support UV tile and offset features in the future!

(Rolypolyshakeshake) #6

or atleast can see the update you have uploaded before it completes the update on server
i mean when reupload a model with same settings, you have a previeuw how it looks, for exampeof the text boxes are on the corect location, but guesing with probper skils and knoladge of sketsfab and how to upload, its not nesesary, i think its already amazing it remembers so much. impresed with that, realy helps in not fearing a update on your model

prob not needed, but might help,