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Inappropriate model shown as suggested

(Stepcia) #1

Hi all,

I noticed that I can't really show the page where I have my model and plan to show in front of large crowd in business setting. there's this "suggested model" on the lower ride side of the screen and all of them are nude women figurine.... can we fix this? is there a way to turn this off?




I'm sorry about that. We have "NSFW" and other moderation tools coming very soon, which should solve this issue for you.

CC @bartv

(Stepcia) #3

thanks for looking into this. in the mean time I will try to use the embed feature

(Stepcia) #4

so just heard from other thread that we can now hide this inappropriate suggested model if I sign up for business account? can you confirm?


That's correct. Business account models will not show "Suggested models"

(Chaitanyak) #6

the embed feature is a quick fix for your situation.. can even post the model in fb, twitter and most blog pages

(Stepcia) #7

So I clicked the "off" button for show age-restircted content. but it still displays this models on the side in bikinis... It's quite embarassing really even if have embed it to someother post and accidently have to venture back to sketchfab website and all sudden my audience will see all those inappropriate model on the side...

I would like to know if there's a better solution been working on to solve this issue?


Those models are not flagged age-restricted under our content guidelines. However, we should still try to improve this.


@stepcia adding more tags to your models should help for now.

(Stepcia) #10

I'm not sure how does me adding tag to my own model would help me not see other inapropriate model...


We do our best to match titles, descriptions, and tags. Adding as much information as possible can help us match more appropriate models with the same words in the title, description, and tags.