Inaugural London Meetup - DATE AND VENUE CONFIRMED

(Andy lewis) #1

Hey guys,

I'm organising a Meetup for all Sketchfab members, scanners, 3D artists and interested parties.

EDIT: Date and time confirmed : Feb 25th. Create Space. Wembley Point

EDIT2: Please RSVP here

Date and venue are yet to be fixed but I'd like to float Create Space at Wembley Point on the North circ as a good venue and February as the timescale. Here's some detail on the proposed venue...

Please post here or contact me directly if you'd like to come with your preferred days of the week, times and any other venues you think we should consider and anything you'd like to happen at the Meetup. Of course, if you'd like to be involved in enabling this Meetup, please feel free to let me know.

A couple of suggestions for things we could do, in addition to getting to know people....

Scan everyone and put up an account specially for showcasing London's talents.

Demos of scanners - Occipital Structure, Matter and Form, Primesense Carmine. Anybody want to show off a Fuel3D??

Software demos? Meshlab, Netfabb, Rhino, Blender, Meshmixer etc etc?

Short presentation from Sketchfab?

A scanning competition? Half an hour to scan whatever you can find. And there's loads of stuff around Create Space. Sketchfab good bag prize.

Intro to 3D printing?

Present one of your recent projects? 5 mins max.

Present your biggest challenge.

Prize for the person who's travelled the furthest? Postcode-to-postcode according to Google Maps. Sketchfab goodie bag prize?

OK. There ya go. Plenty of food-for-thought there, I think. London is easily one of the most creative cities in the World. Let's build a fantastic creative community and show the World what we can do!

All the best!



(Bart) #2

Excellent Andy! We're so excited to see these initiatives happen!! I'd be happy to throw in some goodies, no problem smile

Let me know how I can help!

(Daymos) #3

WOW this all sounds like an interestingly fun filled event.

I'm most defo interested in coming and contributing where I can.

I may see if my whole studio can come as we all work down the road (sort of) in North Acton.

Would you like to host a Sketchfab meetup? Here are some pointers
(Bart) #4

Hey @Daymos, excellent! Can you tell us a bit about your studio?

(Daymos) #5

I'm a 3D Modeller for this studio and imthe onlky 3D person here.

We have 2d artworkers, video producers, flash animation people etc all in the same room.. Sometimes they require my 3D content for their specific projects but most of my work is used online (3D viewers) or for TV ads etc.

We currently use a 3d system that is a series of png images in a rotation sequence but i'm trying to get this business to use sketchfab or 3D so the customer would have more control over how they wish view the models.

Side is possible to lock a sketchfab model onto an axis?

(Bart) #6

Thanks for the intro!

You mean lock the rotation? I'm afraid not, currently the navigation is entirely free.

(Andy lewis) #7

Well @Daymos you and your crew would be very welcome. Can't promise we'll be able to have all the activities I listed. After all, at this stage they're only ideas but the more the merrier and the more time we'll be able to devote to the Meetup.

Do you have a preferred day / time?



(Prod Designs) #8

Hi Andy,

Sounds good to me, I'd definitely be interested in attending/helping out.


(Andy lewis) #9

Hey Joe,

Cool! Where are you in London?



(Nebulousflynn) #10

Hello @andylewis and everybody!

This is a great idea - I'd definitely like to come along and meet people / see & learn more about what everyone in London's Sketchfab community is up to.

May I suggest a couple of alternate venues?

Maybe Google Campus or Scenario Bar (home of London Indie Game Developers)
I have contacts at both places and would be happy to ask once a date has been set. These are just ideas though and really I'm trying to cut down a journey from distant SE London smile

I'd also be happy to give a little presentation on my scanning work with the British Museum (and beyond) if anyone might be interested.

(Andy lewis) #11

Hi @nebulousflynn It'd be great to have you along and give a presentation. Thanks for the alternative venue suggestions. Maybe we could use them in future. I'm 20 miles North of Town and parking would be simple at Create Space so I can bring plenty of goodies but I'm not wedded to the venue. There's a lot to be said for moving it around.

What I need right now is to narrow down on a date. I'm pretty open so I was hoping somebody would express a preference so EVERYBODY who's thinking of attending, PLEASE post your preference for day of the week or days to avoid and I'll sort it out. I'm thinking of a Wednesday evening. Any objections??



(Prod Designs) #12

Hi @andylewis & all,

I'm based in North Greenwich, so agree with @nebulousflynn in terms of more central meeting venues.

I'm sure we can think of something we can display/demonstrate in terms of the 3d Scan or 3d Print side of things too.

In terms of dates a few weeks notice would be good, so I guess last couple of weeks of February. Mid week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) tend to work better, and evenings would be best (allowing time to get to venue from office), say 6pm?

(Andy lewis) #13

OK, @ProdDesigns. Thanks for the input. Mid-week is a deffo.

Well, I guess a more central location would be equally inconvenient for all! smiley

Let me ask you something: Would you prefer a central, but later ( say 8pm ) meet-up or an earlier meet-up further out? This is an important question as I'm currently discussing the possibility of a more central venue.



(Nebulousflynn) #14

How about Wed the 18th Feb? (just throwing a date out there!)

I'd probably prefer an earlier (6pm-ish) so there's still time to grab dinner after or catch a train home afterwards.

Would most people be traveling by public transport?

(Bart) #15

The 18th is a good choice - we also have the Amsterdam and San Jose Meetups that day! Having three on one day would be awesome wink

(Andy lewis) #16

Would it, Bart?? Why's that?

(Bart) #17

Because of awesome world wide vibes wink

(Andy lewis) #18

OMG! If we have meet ups all over the globe at the same time, we could find the worlds resonant frequency and make it sing like a glass!! Mmmmmm 🎶🎶🎶 😃

TBH. I have something that week that'll be unavoidable when it happens. May be able to do the 18th but can't commit just yet. Should know by Friday.



(Marcustylor) #19

Hi Andy, I got plenty of time on my hands between jobs so could lend a hand wink


(Andy lewis) #20

Great stuff Marcus! Thanks very much.

What would you like to see at the meet-up? Apart from like-minded individuals? smile

Preferred dates, days, times?

Beginning to look like a Wednesday towards the middle or end of February. 6pm onwards @ Wembley or after 8 closer to the centre of town.

Where are you, BTW?