Incoming model inacurate

(Cascho) #1


my model coming from 3dsmax has some very noticable mesh-inaccuracies.

I use the 3dsmax2019 FBX exporter.
The model in 3dsmax is fine of course.
I also collapsed all mesh modiefiers down to EditableMesh.

Any ideas?

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @CarstenSchonart,

The issue is due to the geometric compression applied on the model during processing.

(Vertex positions are quantized on a grid that can be different for each geometry. The offset happens when these grid are not correctly re-aligned.)

We are aware that it’s causing such issue and we are currently discussing about potential workaround/solutions.

(Cascho) #3

Could it help to scale the model up in 3dsmax, eg. x100?