Incomplete model list on Android sketchfab app

Your product rocks!

I have several 100s of models. Only the first 110 models show in the list. The remainder of the models are listed without an image. They can be clicked and will subsequently load. I just can’t see them to select them. I’m using a google pixel phone and the latest android app March 7 2018.

Hmm. Can you share a screenshot? I’m able to get all or my models to show in the app if I keep scrolling to load more.

It works for the main SF list. It does not work for my list: screenshot

Weird, thanks! We’ll be taking a look next week.

Wondering if anything has been found.
I’m not able to see my recent models in the list.

I think @arthurjamain is going to spend some time on mobile app issues soon.

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You guys are the best! @arthurjamain and @james the problem has been fixed!

Good to hear !


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