Inconsistent upload behavior... Many objects missing from upload. What gives?


(Icic) #1


I just want to say I'm loving learning Blender and using Sketchfab is really fun and easy. But I do have an issue, and that is that for some reason, some objects are not showing up at all depending on the upload.

For example:

Here is an upload from yesterday of a scene that Ive been working on. As you can see, the purple paint line is showing up ok and so are the mosquito illustrations.

Here is a newer version, where I've added many more objects including a piece of paper with writing on it. (I haven't colored/ lit it because it didn't come out right.) As you can see, the paint and the mosquito illustrations along with the HUD at the top of the model are all gone. I haven't change these objects in Blender, so I don't know why they wouldn't be showing up.

Here is a screenshot of what I'm seeing in Blender for reference.

My feeling is that it has something to do with curves vs mesh objects, as the objects that are meshes have been consistently showing up in every version of this piece that I upload, ie the microchip, the grid and the bubble. I've made both objects downloadable so I can get help on this. Any info would be appreciated! Has anyone else had similar issues?

Also, just as an aside but has there already been a request for saving settings for use in other uploads? It's a little time consuming to re-color everything if you just wanted to change on thing in blender.

Thanks in advance! Really happy that something like Sketchfab exists, it's been a great intro into the world of 3D for me.

(Johnson Martin) #2

My guess is that it's the curves, like you said, that are causing the problem. Try converting them to meshes using ALT-C then re-uploading. Did you get any warnings while uploading saying it could have problems?

And to answer about saving settings presets, I believe that's on the to-do list for the Sketchfab devs, but it's hard to implement from what I've heard, so it might take some time.


Yeah my guess is the curves need to be converted to meshes. Maybe you have some modifiers that need to be applied, too?

Yes, Presets are on our to-do list :slight_smile:

(Icic) #4

Hey guys! Converting to mesh definitely did the trick.

I have one more question though... I spelled Ferrite wrong in the logo.

If I change that one object in Blender and then use the Replace File function in Sketchfab, is there any chance that all the shaders and lighting will just pop in to the new with new model with no trouble, or am I out of luck?


If it's a texture, you can just upload a new texture in 3D Settings. If you need to re-upload (replace), we do our best to preserve all settings: