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Incorrect publishing date on artwork? (Contest related question!)

(Skyeshark) #1

So I created this kit for the #StoreArchitectureChallenge and I only just started on Monday night, I was working very intensely to make sure I uploaded and listed it on the store before the deadline at midnight and I DID! Originally, it totally had the correct date and time, I uploaded it at around 11:45pm EST, Tuesday, May 29th – 15 minutes before the due date… but now it says it was published on the 30th?

I made some adjustments to it for the sake of customers (added the dismantled pieces on the inside with the annotation) after midnight that involved re-uploading but the the time published doesn’t match my re-upload time either…

How does the “published” timer/date thing work? Is this going to disqualify me from the challenge? :frowning:

I worked super hard to make sure it was uploaded and in an acceptable state to be judged for the contest before midnight and I would hate to think that my extra improvements that were for the sake of the product itself and not the challenge would disqualify me from competing. :frowning:



It’s probably using UTC. Don’t worry, you’ll still be considered for the contest! @bartv

(Skyeshark) #3

Thanks! I went to bed last night after posting that all worried, lol.

(Nebulousflynn) #4

Hey @skyeshark, I can confirm we’ll include you in the challenge judging :+1: