Increasing Spin Sensitivity


I find that it takes a lot of effort to get my model fully rotated. Would like it to spin faster in relation to my swiping input. I’ve dug around and I don’t think this is a setting, by want to confirm before I give up… can you increase the sensitivity of the model spin in relation to the user input? I.e. it spins more/faster with same or less swiping from user.


It’s not possible at the moment to change this sensitivity.

@stephomi it does seem that click+dragging across the viewer rotates the model much more than swiping the same distance across the viewer on mobile/touch.


JUST before I came to check up on this post, I spun my model around on my website and realized the same thing! Feels just right on PC, but on mobile you have to put some work into spinning the model around.


By my estimate, the mobile version is 3/4 the spin sensitivity of the pc version of the viewer.

(Shaderbytes) #5

needs to work on percentage of the viewer dimensions in resolution space , obviously from these observations im guessing it is working on screen pixel space distance which will be much less on a phone.

(Ostapblendercg) #6

Also gadget’s hardware can matter: on a different Snapdragon SoCs you have to use different amount of swing to rotate model

(Eriol726) #7

To change the sensitivity in the API would be very useful for my project +1