Independence Day: White House Destruction

(Vibrantnebula) #1

In 1996, 108 major cities were destroyed in an alien invasion of Earth that nearly resulted in the extinction of humanity. Our entire species was saved by the valiant efforts of Jeff Goldbloom and Will Smith and we celebrate their victory worldwide every July 4th, Independence Day.

I am just using this an excuse to get a grasp on the new scaling features in TiltBrush. The .tilt source file will be included in each download if you'd like to see the sketch natively inside of Tiltbrush. Inspired by the 2016 presidental elections.

(Vibrantnebula) #2

Finished basic blocking and now I'm just experimenting with brush effects to figure out which looks best on Sketchfab and to see how the geometry looks like outside of the headset.


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The lighting already looks great, can't wait to see more of it!

(Vibrantnebula) #4

Here is my final result. Overall, this was extremely difficult due to the scale of the scene which led to lots of funny issues. The house itself was a very reasonable scale but the saucer despite being rather simplistic took hours to form. Walking away from this, I know how to better use my Tiltbrush time and what types of surfaces to avoid attempting to draw. The audio reactive features of TB look awesome on this model.

(Vibrantnebula) #5