Indigenous Statue!


(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #1

Material hand painted!

(Draconius) #2

Really cool! I like your use of colors. The green and red contrast nicely and the turquoise provides a cool accent. I’d try to do what I can to break up the continuous textures a little more, though. Some extra grunge around the feet and wear around the cavities will really give it a more weathered effect. Try to look at reference pictures of the materials you want to emulate and take note of the patterns and behaviors that occur. You might also like to try incorporating patterns and designs indigenous to the region as well. With this particular piecev looking at it should give the viewer a good sense of what it’s made of and where in the world it might’ve come from. :slight_smile:

(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #3

Thank you very muck by the reply! I tried to imagine a very wet scenary you know? A rainforest with that statue in the middle of trees and everything… About what you have said, maybe if i had added more moss on the corners of the statue and the throne seat or added moss to the statue body itself, maybe the appearence of everything will look more realistic…