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About this service

We are a company providing 3d Scanning and 3d Modeling services.
Specialized in 3d modeling and low polygon modeling for integration of scanned objects in real time engines.

Service description

  • Specialisation: Archeological sites , Relics , Cultural Heritage , Statues , Objects
  • Equipment/software: DSL Camera , Drones , Photogrammetry software , 3d Editing software.
  • Location: Brillisia - Athens , Greece
  • Ability to travel: Internationally
  • Resolution: Depents on object scale and client requirements
  • Max / min scannable sizes: From cm (small objects) to meters (Archeologial sites)
  • Textures: 8k textures, Diffuse , Normal , Ambient Occlusion
  • Deliverable file formats: obj, fbx , max
  • Additional services: The final product is always refined by 3d Artists. Both geometry and textures are checked and retouched if necessary.
  • Costs: Depends on project. Please contact for prices.


Greek Folklore Museum (Musical Instrument)

Greek Folklore Museum (Musical Instrument) by indigital on Sketchfab

Mansion of "Duchesse de Plaisance"

Mansion of "Duchesse de Plaisance" by indigital on Sketchfab

Greek Folklore Museum Item

Greek Folklore Museum by indigital on Sketchfab