Infringement alert: Truebones is back on sketchfab selling content from Man eater game from Trip-wire Interactive games!

Hello BArt and moderators

Tody i found out Know Infringer Truebones is back on your site after being banned for infringement some years ago. Now he is back doing the same thing again With the game Man Eater from trip wire entertainment. here are the link to the content on sketchfab .

here is where the assets came from

Here is the video On truebones youtube channel

Here is the proof of the origin of the game assets

and here is the fake alt account he made on SketchFab

It has been Downloaded 38 times

So the game content was uploaded by this infringer and the animations and model was downloaded 38 times. SO the damage to this game company is done. I would suggest that you did what Epic games did and go after Gumroad because if you contact him directly he will not take it down .

The asset came from the game


Made by Tripwire Interactive

Released in 2020

Tel +1 770 993 5155

Screenshot - 9_7_2021 , 12_18_48 PM

Screenshot - 9_7_2021 , 12_11_07 PM

Thanks for letting us know! We have removed his new accounts.


Thank you! :grin: will keep you updated if he returns again. HAve a nice day and keep being creative ! :grin: :grin: :grin:


Well I have used truebones animations for about 20 years or so way back in trueSpace days…I am foleypro google me or what ever…I know he gets very vocal but he doesnt do illegal content he has made animations for years I will contest on his side…Yup he does get way overboard about this I know…

Yea so that why he is banned until the year 2044 !

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Screenshot - 6_9_2018 , 4_22_42 PM


Trying looking up Truebones on google… you would have proof that what he’s been doing is illegal and that your work is based off stolen game rips. Sorry if that revelation causes you to go into denial (Not discounting the idea that Brains account may just be another Truebones alt. We’ve had to shatter the illusions of more than one of his victims in the past.) but there is an awful lot of proof concerning his violations, illegal stalking behavior, his interactions with the police, the restraining orders against him, and his scam. This is nobody any of us should have to do business with. Good luck and stay safe! Don Thack

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