Initial VR position wrong when using Microsoft Edge

(Xmt) #1

I have a Windows Mixed Reality system and generally things are working very well. We’ve done some great demos using Sketchfab, but there is this one residual niggle. WMR is supported natively by Microsoft Edge. However, in that browser the initial position is some distance from the model and does not correspond to the one in 3D settings. If you get into the annotations or teleport, everything is fine. I can use Chrome or firefox, which will automatically load Steam VR, and this works fine; it is only Edge that gets it wrong. Since there’s a workaround (don’t use Edge) this may not be a priority, but I mention it anyway in case it’s an easy fix.

(Chaitanyak) #2

just got a wmr headset myself, appear to have the same problem. which other browser have you tried it with?(where it works fine)

(Xmt) #3

As mentioned already, it works in Chrome or Firefox, but you need to have steam and steamvr installed for this to work.