Inkwell (Game Development)

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EDIT: Decided that I am going to be making separate posts for each part of the game development (concept art, 3D environment art, character, enemies, etc). That way people will be able to see how everything starts to change and (hopefully) improve over time!

Hey Sketchfab!

I am going to use this forum post to show development of a game I am working on with two friends. Soon I will start posting 3D models, pcitures and GIF's related to it too!

And if you are interested into the smaller parts of development, check these out! I will be posting small tutorials on game art creation too!


Do you have any suggestions? Go for it!

Have a nice day!

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Modular Environment #1
Hey everyone! First post woo woo!
So this is the process I go through when creating a game environment. Sketch -> Modeling 1 -> Testing 1->Modeling 2 -> Testing 2-> Texturing ->Testing 3 -> POLISHPOLISHPOLISH (Currently at this stage).

I am pausing the environment development for now as I have to texture the character and the enemies!

Have a nice weekend!

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No concept art for this one, I just kept on modeling until it stopped looking awful haha!

EDIT: Added some textures! Gonna polish the textures and the animations once I finish the character!

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Main Character:

I am going to add the concept art later, I don't know where it went lol! My friend (Here is where I would tag him if he made a social media account :rolling_eyes:) modeled most of it, I did topology, rigging, animation, and textures which are coming soon!

Where did the hair and the skirt go you ask? Well...they will have physics on the game engine so I don't really need to rig or animate them woo woo less work for me! Haha :slight_smile:

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Cool mecha spider !