Insert Data to Annotation by API

Hello Guys its possible to add data to Annotations API by a PUT HTTP Request by Sketchfab API ?



It seams SketchFab DATA API: PUT MODEL and PATCH MODEL OPTIONS cannot handle annotations editing yet…

But you could do it with a VIEWER API SESSION if you’re devellopping an application. Use createAnnotation function. But modifications will be remain unsaved for the model after frontend session.

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Hello Pierre, thanks for the answer. Will be nice if sketchfab creates this endpoint for annotations and other types for text realtime data. With this we can use 3D models as a Dashboards to virtualize real enviroments with realtime data relevant info.

Airtable integration will be nice too.

Yes it would be interesting to update models visualized directly on the platform (or simply embed).

But, for now, you can already host a PHP page to retrieve data updates in real time and display them in a 3D SketchFab session with a custom JavaScript along with Sketchfab viewer API JS library :wink: