Insert image not working

(Alex Nan) #1

hello people, I can't seem to insert image from my Google Drive. My link is like this - ! [ ] ( http:// com/open?id=1-VBZbm2YyVMk4Mlk3_9cuvLPP2jUkdgz) - also tried without !
- Explorer shows the small thumbnail with x on it like when the real image doesn't load.
- Chrome, doesn't show at all.
How could I upload/insert my images in Description ?

(Mrchlblng) #2

@AlexNan at the moment, we do not store images for description. What you can do in description/comment/annotation is reference an image that is available through an URL.
So you have to store your asset somewhere and then use the markdown syntax e.g. ![](

(Mauricesvay) #3

It seems that your are including the page containing the image, instead of the image itself.

The URL you should use should be, but I'm not sure that Google Drive allows hotlinking.


I think it might have to link directly to the file, ending in .jpg, .png, ...