Insert object into panorama?


(Relax) #1

Is it possible to insert Sketchfab objects into 360 panoramas?
So i can look around in 360, discover a building, which have a hotspot arrow, and when i click on it,
i can show, rotate the real 3D object. But not on a new page, but in center of the pano. (for example krpano, etc)


(Daniel Di) #2

1) Make sure you take a 360°x180° panorama. A spherical one. I just posted some diagrams to make sure you have a good technique while taking the pictures. Do I "need" a panoramic head to shoot 360 panoramas?
2) The important thing is just the relative position from the camera to the object, and the distance to the floor.
3) You need to have some reference points Make some topographic marks (a stick with a clear mark where the leveled zone is), at least 4 corners. I asume you need to build a concrete base, so mark in real space where the corners of that base should be. (Green dots)
4) Try to make some marks for proportion. Probably you can not make them the real size but make some, for example you will know that the magenta dots are 1m tall.
5) Don't make just 1 blueprint. Prepare alternative scenarios.
6) It dosen't really matter the orientation of the shoot, just the relative position to the elements but you can mark the direction of the sun or the magnetic pole on a printed blueprint as a reference, probably for some ilumination adjustments.

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thanks, i make aerial panos from 2-300 m :slight_smile:
So i have a cool 360x180 equirectangular image with a building on it, and a 3D object from the same building here in Sketchfab.
How can i connect these two?

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any tips?..