Inside Out... Abstract Thought


(Diosmel) #1

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I would like to recreate this scene from the movie "Inside Out" where a series of complex concepts are mixed in such a fun way that is easy to understand. The characters are in this kind of "Special Area" inside Riley's mind where abstract thinking transforms space and shape.

All this happens in the middle of a very difficult situation for small Riley who has to face loneliness, in the playground of their new school.

(Diosmel) #2

Ambient Occlusion and characters update :wink:

Sorry for the delay but I can only work full-time on weekends ... Tomorrow I think updating the scene with all objects... !!!

I hope you like it

(Diosmel) #3

A small update of Joy... the other characters and the stage are almost finished


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This is a really great scene to re-create! The WIPs look great!

(Diosmel) #5

Well... here are the characters and some elements of the scene.

(Diosmel) #6

Thanks for the welcome...

Currently I have literally only a few seconds to post a comment because I'm at full speed to reach the scene in time (with animations).

I am presenting some problems with animations, but if I can not solve them on time, at least I'll upload the static scene :slight_smile:

(Diosmel) #7

Well, after hard work, here I leave the final entry.
I hope the little Riley not feel alone anymore…

Let’s go inside…!!! : D