Instamuseum doesn't work anymore

(Tepapalearninglab) #1

Instamuseum ( )
Seems broken. It just keeps telling me that my account doesn’t exist. ( )
I’ve tried it with friend’s accounts and I get the same error message.
What’s happening? It’s been like this for months.


Hmm, thanks for the report. We’re looking into it (cc @guillermosainz )

(Guillermo Sainz) #3

Thanks tepapalearninglab - it looks like Instagram removed some API endpoints and now requires an Access Token for retrieving user information. We’re looking into the solution.

(Naznaioleitanalia) #4

please please please , can you fix this problem? app instamuseum says that my instagram account doesn’t exist and I can’t do the vr museum. thank you

(Mscappa) #5

Has this been resolved? Seems it still doesn’t work? If not, does anyone know of another similar product? Would even consider a manual upload type of tool.

(Guillermo Sainz) #7

Hi @naznaioleitanalia @mscappa @tepapalearninglab,

Instamuseum should be working now properly. Sorry for the wait and looking forward to seeing what you create!