Instamuseum doesn't work anymore

Instamuseum ( )
Seems broken. It just keeps telling me that my account doesn’t exist. ( )
I’ve tried it with friend’s accounts and I get the same error message.
What’s happening? It’s been like this for months.

Hmm, thanks for the report. We’re looking into it (cc @guillermosainz )

Thanks tepapalearninglab - it looks like Instagram removed some API endpoints and now requires an Access Token for retrieving user information. We’re looking into the solution.


please please please , can you fix this problem? app instamuseum says that my instagram account doesn’t exist and I can’t do the vr museum. thank you

Has this been resolved? Seems it still doesn’t work? If not, does anyone know of another similar product? Would even consider a manual upload type of tool.

Hi @naznaioleitanalia @mscappa @tepapalearninglab,

Instamuseum should be working now properly. Sorry for the wait and looking forward to seeing what you create!


Thank you! We love Instamuseum. Looking forward to creating visitor generated VR exhibitions for the museum.

We tried using Instamuseum again today and it failed. Might be another authentication problem. I’ve attached a screen shot of the error message I get after it stalls on “waiting for Sketchfab to process the model”

I hope it is an easy fix.

Ok, so now it seems to successfully create the model but only posts it to the Instamuseum account on Sketchfab.

Any chance you could allow me to download the model to post on my own account?


Hello? Any news about when Instamuseums will be uploaded to our own accounts again? We can’t fix the starting view in VR without access to the 3D settings. Also, really wanted to add annotations to my Instamuseums. It could work if you made them downloadable?

I’ve moved the model to your account for you:

Hello, I still get the screen posted by tepapalearninglab on May 2018. Is there a fix?

Hi hi, same issue here.
I’ve solved using a vpn. Try it and let me know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: